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To look up your username, please entering the information required in the two sections. You will be shown your username and provided the options to reset your password.  For students, the information that you provide must match what you used when you filled out your college admissions application.  For employees, it must match what you submitted to Human Resources.  If you do not have these details, then contact your college help desk for assistance at

First Section:


Used for security purposes to ensure you are not an automated system.

Second Section:

Your first name. last name, date of birth, Student ID (EMPLID) or Social Security Number


EMPLID is your student or employee ID number. If you do not remember your ID number, check your application site account, application submission confirmation email, or if an employee your account confirmation email.

Register for Classes (Students Only):

Once you set up and log-in to your account, you can immediately register for classes through the SIS button.

Next Steps (Students Only):

Review your academic plan, required classes, to-do list, and advising information by clicking the Navigate button before registering. You will have access to Navigate 24 hours after your application was submitted. Some students may not see Navigate listed on their services. You can review your course requirements and register through the SIS button.

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